Just Care More hosts 20+ special needs families at The Inflatable Run Miami


Did you know… when you sign up to be apart of the Inflatable Run, a fun family event, you’re not only signing up for an outrageously fun event, but you’re supporting local non-profit organizations from within your community?

Most recently, we partnered with the We Coach Foundation at the Miami  Inflatable Run event. Just Care More brought out over 20 families who have children with autism, providing them with free entry and activity passes for the day.

“Just Care More and The Inflatable Run provided our special needs families with an inclusive environment where everyone was able to have fun and get out of their comfort zone.

Each We Coach member participating in the event left with a big smile, more confidence and with new memories and experiences to share with others,” said We Coach founders, Luciana Leo and Alicia Morgado.


As a part of their partnership, The Inflatable Run donates its profits from the run to Just Care More, helping to support the non-profit’s mission of creating adventures that inspire and teach people of all ages to be rad and respect their dreams.

Just Care More will continue partnering with charities in each city they travel to. “By partnering with The Inflatable Run, we provide an opportunity for struggling families, group homes, or challenged youth to just get outside for the weekend on us,” said Just Care More Founder, Jamie Leibert.


About We Coach Foundation:

The mission of the We Coach Foundation is to foster skills through family and individual training, support and community involvement to invigorate functional independence, social, pragmatic skills and community integration.

To learn more about the We Coach Foundation, visit them on social media or by visiting www.wecoachfoundation.com

About Just Care More:

Just Care More is a non-profit organization focused on taking time to show kids that there is love, support, and care for them. While we know that we cannot replace the love and support of their families, we want them to know that the world is filled with people that care about them as people and their outcome.


How Can You Help?

If you’d like to donate to Just Care More and receive an awesome gift for your support (knee high socks, shirts, tank-tops, jerseys and hats) head over to www.justcaremore.com/donate. Proceeds from your donation go towards supporting Just Care More and their mission to create opportunities to partner with other organizations similar to the We Coach Foundation!