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One of the most important elements of Jamie’s vision for Just Care More comes from his discovery that helping kids has an incredible ripple effect. Just Care More creates a community around its events where athletes join in and often say they get as much from the kids as they give. These grown up team members carry the mission forward to other events and parts of their lives, spreading the love and the motto: Respect your Dreams.

You can join Team Just Care More by coming to any of our events and getting involved at any level you are able to. You can also join the team by buying the Team Just Care More Jersey and wearing it when you jump, climb, skate, and rage wherever you are.

By spreading the word in your jersey through your awesome photos on social media, and talking to everyone you meet, you’ll be helping us do what we’re here to do: teach people to replace bad habits with positive ones, conquer their fears, and do awesome things.  We’ll also tag you on the Team Just Care More Roster page so everyone knows where your heart is.

By Spring of 2018, Just Care More will release guidelines for setting up your own events.

Click the button below to order your custom Just Care More jersey and join the team! The jerseys are $100 and include free shipping. 100% non-profit.

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