Just Care More launches its first ever nomination program for at risk-youth!

Just Care More’s mission is to use extreme sports, family-entertainment, and other dynamic activities to connect, engage and positively impact underserved. The foundation’s goal is to inspire kids and provide them with hope to pursue their dreams.

Just Care More is now accepting nominations from family and friends of children who need a helping hand as well as sponsorships from individuals and businesses that want to help.


The children that are chosen by team Just Care More will receive complimentary passes to activities that suit them, as well as VIP passes to the Inflatable Festival & Run. From extreme activities such as indoor rock climbing and trampoline parks, to cultural activities, including museums and zoos, Just Care More will provide youth throughout the community with the opportunity to engage and participate in hobbies and activities that will have a positive impact in their lives.

Most importantly, the children will get to work directly with the Just Care More Director, Jamie Leibert as well as Just Care More team members in different cities where members and children are located. You can join the Just Care More team by purchasing a team jersey. When children in your city win nominations, team members get to help deliver the sponsorships in person and engage with the children.

Please click here if you are interested in nominating a child or family.
Please click here if you are interested in sponsoring a child