Camp Care More

Just Care More’s camps are devoted to teaching young people the same lessons of personal accountability and respecting your dreams that turned Jamie’s life around. By introducing kids to adventure sports, and overcoming whatever fears may be holding them back, Camp Care More shows them how to develop good habits to avoid (or replace) bad ones. It is not about preaching and it’s not about judging. It’s a safe space where kids can talk and Jamie can listen and tell his stories. And then everyone can go outside, get dirty and do rad things.

Just Care More is developing a permanent base camp with specialized facilities for adventure sports, and to establish weeklong Summer stays where kids can learn to be fearless and awesome at the same time. This property is called “Freedomland” and is currently under development. Freedomland is located on the outskirts of San Diego. Donations help pay for amenities needed to develop the camp and add much needed amenities.

The last Camp Care More was three days and two nights of adventure activities that reinforced the lessons of personal responsibility and belief in self.  The camp was held at at Freedomland- area foster kids and their families attended a camp with workshops, talks, rock climbing, camping, smore’s, and epic fun. The camp is supported entirely by Just Care More and its fundraising efforts with sponsors with no cost for families.

History has proven that adventure sports:

  • Foster Team Work
  • Builds their Self-Confidence
  • Encourages them to Never Give Up
  • Teaches them how to Rebound from Defeat and
  • Reduces Violent Behavior through Sportsmanship

“This has been a dream of mine,” said Just Care More founder and CEO Jamie Leibert. “To create a safe space where kids can learn the tools to face down adversity that I wish I’d had–and just do rad stuff and know they’re incredibly awesome.”



Just Care More is a non-profit organization focused on taking time to show kids that there is love, support, and care for them. When you support Just Care More, you play a direct role in shaping a child’s life. Every dollar raised goes to making an impact on a child’s life. Will you take a second to donate and Just Care More?

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We will update the marker each week to show progress.