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Just Care More is a non-profit organization focused on taking time to show kids that there is love, support, and care for them. While we know that we cannot replace the love and support of their families, we want them to know that the world is filled with people that care about them as people and their outcome.

Jaime Leibert, founder of Just Care More, has made it his mission is to use various extreme sports activities to connect, engage and impact underserved children in a multitude of ways. It is his goal to inspire their future and provide them with the hope and encouragement necessary to pursue their dreams and to live responsibly.


Just Care More creates adventures that inspire and teach people of all ages to be rad and respect their dreams.


The Just Care More philosophy is very hands-on, a mission centered on going out into the community to reach the children who need support the most. Each city that the tour goes to, Jaime and staff will go into group homes such as Boys and Girls Clubs and other organizations that can benefit from the program’s mentoring and motivational approach. Jamie shares his story and speaks with the groups one-on-one to connect with them on a more intimate level.

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Just Care More is not only about changing the lives of others thru it’s direct action. It aims at creating a movement, in which people all over the world who have experienced adversity are able to share their experiences and help others experiencing the same adversity. Team Just Care More are a group of people showing that you can change the world just by caring a little bit more.

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A portion of the proceeds raised through Just Care more will provide the funding to build a camp in which kids from group homes and underprivileged communities around the country to attend a 1 week camp – Just Care More Camp – where they will be exposed to key life fundamentals aimed at providing a layer of support and understanding for the campers.

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