Jamie Leibert

Humanitarian. Inspirational Speaker. Philanthropist. Business Mogul. Sports Extremist. 

Unassuming, unorthodox and adamant about not being a conformist to societal norms, Jamie Leibert has become one of the proud faces of the story less told – everyone is capable of defying the odds. 

Years of broken homes, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and eventually prison, are just some of the experiences that have shaped Jamie. Yet these experiences have ultimately put him on the most rewarding pathway imaginable – starting an organization that caters to people just like him.

Jamie created Just Care More, a non-profit organization focused on showing young people love and empathy, supporting their dreams, and instilling hope within kids who feel lost and desperate. Using extreme sports centered activities and sharing sessions with counselors, Just Care More is breathing life, encouragement and inspiration into children that most have counted out.

Just Care More is the straightforward, one-liner declaration of the mission and echoes Jamie’s passion for underserved kids.

As a motivational force who has forgiven and reconciled his past, Jamie is now traveling a path of hope, seeking righteousness with each step and aiming to be a positive and upbeat soul in the midst of life’s dark corners.

Jamie’s experiences have shaped him into a down-to-earth, humble and relatable, yet eccentric, personality.  He also has turned his life around to do what most never thought possible: building and operating a multi-million dollar company. Now at a point where he can embrace his past, Jamie is a proud advocate for at-risk youth and uses his expertise in sports as an avenue to build character and strength in young minds and hearts.

As an extreme sports enthusiast, Jamie uses his unique outreach platform to create experiences that connect with children. From downhill biking, dirt biking, skydiving, snowboarding, rock climbing, paramotoring and mixed martial arts,Jamie Leibert has created a multiplatform brand that is truly changing and lifting away the darkness in the lives of those who need a glimpse of light.