In the days leading up to each Color Fun Fest event across the nation, Jamie Leibert will perform a skydive wing suit jump out of and off of hot air balloons, airplanes, and helicopters. During his jump he will hold up a #JUSTCAREMORE sign or a skydive tube to raise the organization’s awareness. 

These jumps are covered by local and national press outlets, across all forms of traditional and non-traditional media, in order to get regional and national exposure to raise money for a summer camp for at-risk teens. Jamie’s goal is to have everyone from the action sports community doing what they love while holding a #JUSTCAREMORE sign. The captured images will be blasted across everyone’s social media platforms and tracked using the hashtag #JUMPACROSSAMERICA. Click here to request Jamie to come to your city to jump and educate your event participants on how they can help the #JUSTCAREMORE youth.