Camp Care More will harness the compassion, support, and motivation of staff and volunteers to foster character and leadership training through extreme sports activities in youth camping experiences for children in need. Just Care More will become a place where lives are changed as we connect and encourage kids with the lessons of life. We are committed to educating kids on the skills that will help them take control over their lives and live responsibly and accountably while developing a spirit of leadership and community stewardship in each of our campers.  To effectively communicate with the campers, there will be no “classroom’ activities. All lessons will be learned and reinforced through extreme sports activities. At the end of the day we will have a “Sharing session” around a campfire where counselors will help connect the dots between the day’s activities, the lesson that can be extracted, and how that lesson is applicable in everyday life. We will encourage the campers to open up and share their stories.  These sessions will reinforce life skills and offer support and care to a group of kids in need.


Just Care More is a non-profit organization focused on taking time to show kids that there is love, support, and care for them. While we know that we can’t replace the love and support of their families we want them to know that he world is filled with people that care about them as people and their path. 

The Founder of Just Care More has experienced the life of despair that many of these kids feel on a daily basis.  He has made it his mission is to use various extreme sports activities to provide the kids a looking glass into their future and then give them the hope and tools to make their life what they want it to be. Not what we want, their parents want, or anyone else. Simply to provide them with a new outlook on life and the ability to live responsibly.

Just Care More Motivational Speaking: As a compliment to the Color Fun Fest Tour, in each city that the tour visits Jamie Leibert will go into group homes, Boys and Girls Clubs and other organizations that can benefit from Jamie’s mentoring and motivational approach.  

Just Care More Kids Club: At each event there will be an activity area dedicated to kids.  this area will expose them to the principles of extreme sports in a safe environment. While they are in line for the rides they will be exposed to a video on caring for others and Just Care More Camp. these rides will be for a fee with a portion of that fee going to support the camp.

Camp Care More:  A portion of the proceeds raised through Jamie Leibert Companies and Just Care More Kids Club, Just Care More Camp will take kids from group homes and underprivileged communities around the country to a 1 week camp where they will be exposed to key life fundamentals aimed at providing a layer of support and understanding for the campers.