Snowboarding, BMX racing and wakeboarding are just some of the extreme sports activities Anthony Zerbonia has mastered in his decade long professional career. Last year Zerbonia added wingsuiting to his list of feats and since then he has quickly flourished in acrobatics, speed, distance and flight duration in his jumps. 

Aside from his daily training, instructing and competition judging, Zerbonia has completed nearly 1250 skydives, 850 of which are wingsuit jumps. He has already claimed several honors and awards in national competitions across the country against some of the world's best wingsuit pilots. Last year alone, Zerbonia took first place at the 2015 Wingolympics at Skydive Chicago and first place in the US Wingsuit Acrobatic Event at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. 

Zerbonia’s challenging childhood led him down a troubled path that fortunately for him he was able to turn around by focusing on a career in extreme sports. Given his own experiences, he is excited to join Jamie in Jumping Across America and adding a philanthropic touch to his brand by ‘Jumping for Just Care More.’